Mammoth-D Guardrail Clamp
Our Mammoth Dex range is the solution for every indoor or outdoor venue or event where the requirements are high. With a load capacity of 750 kg/m°², a sturdy design with 12 mm waterproof plywood, 90 mm aluminium profile and a non-slip surface, the Mammoth Dex are the right tool for the job. Available in four different sizes and even a 1 m quadrant, you can create your own stage according to your wishes. The legs are available in five different standard sizes, in two telescopic versions and two versions with wheels for easy handling. For transporting the Mammoth Dex stages you can use the three available trolleys. And to complete you stage, stopbars, guardrails and stairs can be added to your design.

Dedicated clamp for the guard rails from Mammoth Dex.
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Height (mm): 94 mm
Width (mm): 85.5 mm
Depth (mm): 134.4 mm
Weight: 0.54 kg
Material: Steel

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