CORE MIX-4 USB 4Ch DJ Mixer with USB interface
The CORE MIX-4USB is a 4-channel DJ club mixer with 12 analogue inputs and 2 independent USB-Audio interfaces. This makes it easy to connect your laptop and route the audio of your DJ software directly through the MIX-4USB. It has an independent variable fx send for each channel which makes it possible to be creative with external effects. The return is controlled by a short fader. It has 2 microphone channels with a 3 band EQ, talk-over function and an on/off switch to make MC-ing safe and easy for party jocks & MC°??s. Low tone control on the headphone output makes it possible to adjust your favorite sound. All the pot metres are locked below the surface for extra stability and it has a separate fader print board for easy maintenance. It is equipped with unbalanced and balanced outputs with trim function and a MP3 player-recorder. The MP3 module can record and playback your life performance directly on an USB or SD device.
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Mono Inputs: 2
Stereo Inputs: 8
Phono Audio Inputs: 2
FX Return Inputs: 1
Main Outputs: 2
FX Send Outputs: 1
Monitor Output: 1
Headphone Output: 1
Record Output: 1
USB Input Audio Interface: 2
Supported Files Audio Module: MP3
Media In/Out Audio Module: SD Card / USB-A
THD Level: Frequency Response Minimum: 20 Hz
Frequency Response Maximum: 20000 Hz
Input Channel Equalizer Range: 12 dB
Microphone Input Equalizer Range: 12 dB
Power Supply: 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption: 13 W
Height (mm): 100 mm
Width (mm): 310 mm
Length (mm): 378 mm

Artikelgewicht: 6,24 Kg

Eingangskanäle: 2 x Mikrofon, Kombi XLR/Klinke
8 x Line, RCA
2 x Phono, RCA
2 x USB, Typ B
1 x Return RCA

Ausgangskanäle: 1 x Aufnahme, RCA
1 x Kabine, RCA
1 x Master (unsymmetrisch), RCA
1 x Master